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Ned Beecher, according to his industry's website, "is the Executive Director of the North East Biosolids and Residuals Association (NEBRA)[1], a non-profit membership group of public wastewater utilities, private residuals management firms, and interested individuals. He is involved in administration; membership services; writing and editing NEBRA news (NEBRAMail); and tracking legislation, regulations, and research. He was the lead author of NEBRA’s 2001 report Saving Soil: Biosolids Recycling in New England ( Beecher assisted in the development of Third-Party Verification (auditing) for the National Biosolids Partnership’s Environmental Management System (EMS) program and was the Principal Investigator for (the Water Environment Research Foundation) projects on biosolids public perception and participation (December 2004) and Public Partnering Protocols for WERF Research, bringing diverse and non-traditional stakeholders into WERF’s research programs. He is currently leading the U.S. EPA-funded project, “National Biosolids Information Initiative,” which is collecting and compiling the best-ever data on the quality, use, and disposal of biosolids in the U.S. Mr. Beecher taught and wrote in the field of environmental education, then assisted in management of biosolids/residuals land application programs for a New Hampshire company. He has an MS in Resource Management and Administration from Antioch New England Graduate School and a BA in Geology from Amherst College." [2]

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Contact Information

  • Ned Beecher, Executive Director
  • NEBRA, P.O. Box 422, Tamworth, New Hampshire, 03886-0422, USA
  • Phone: 603) 323-7654
  • Email: info AT

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