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Mohammed Abu-Nimer is an associate professor "at the American University's School of International Service in International Peace and Conflict Resolution in Washington, DC, and Director of Peacebuilding and Development Institute, American University. Mohammed Abu-Nimer is an expert on conflict resolution and dialogue for peace. He has conducted research on conflict resolution and dialogue for peace among Palestinians and Jews in Israel; Israeli-Palestinian conflict; application of conflict resolution models in Muslim communities; interreligious conflict resolution training; interfaith dialogue; and evaluation of conflict resolution programs. As a practitioner, he has been intervening and conducting conflict resolution training workshops in many conflict areas around the world, including: Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Northern Ireland, Philippines (Mindanao), Sri Lanka, U.S., and other areas. He has published articles on these subjects in the Journal of Peace Research; Journal of Peace and Changes, American Journal of Economics and Sociology, and in various edited books. Abu-Nimer is the co-founder and co-editor of the new Journal of Peacebuilding and Development. In addition to his many accomplishments, he speaks Arabic, Hebrew and English." [1]


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  • Dialogue, Conflict Resolution and Change: Arab-Jewish Encounters in Israel, SUNY Press, Spring 1999.

Editorial and advisory boards (past and current):

Awards (selected)

  • Morton Deutsch Award 2005
  • United States Institute for Peace (USIP). Solicited. A research grant on Peacebuilding and Islam. 2001-2002
  • Visiting Research Fellow, Henry Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace 1999-2000
  • Fellowship from the American Research Center in Egypt, New York, 1996-97
  • A "Peace Scholar" Award-USIP (United States Institute for Peace), Washington, D.C, September 1991-September 1992
  • Fellowship from USIFE (United States-Israel Foundation for Education), Tel-Aviv, July 1989-July

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