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Dr. Miriam (Mim) John is Vice President of Sandia National Laboratories - California Division.

"She previously served in a number of managerial and technical roles for Sandia. She was director of the Center for Exploratory Systems and Development, a multi-disciplinary organization of physical scientists, engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists whose mission is to undertake major new initiatives for the California Division. She led Sandia's Chemical and Biological Defense Program and Demilitarization Program. She also was the senior management lead for Sandia's ChemLab Program, a $20 million LDRD investment to produce a complete analytical 'lab on a chip' for multiple defense, environmental, and medical applications.

"Her management assignments at Sandia built on a technical foundation of research in experimental and theoretical studies in heterogeneous catalysis, thermodynamics, and multi-phase reacting flow, and on post-doctoral and initial Sandia assignments in alternative energy concepts analysis and simulation. She holds a B.S. in chemistry from Rice University (1970), an M.S. in chemical engineering from Tulane University (1972) and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Princeton University (1977).

"She is a member of the Department of Defense's Threat Reduction Advisory Committee, the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, the National Research Council's Naval Studies Board and the Board on Army Science and Technology. She is a three-year member of DoD's CBN Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear (CBN) Technology Area Review and Assessment (TARA) panel, and has served on several Defense Science Board summer and task force studies. She also was a member of the Independent Assessment Team for the SRAM II Program, project officer for the W89/SRAM II Program, a member of SDIO's Phase One Engineering Team (POET), and chair of SDIO's Technical Advisory Group for Directed Energy Weapon Concept Studies.

"Dr. John served on the advisory board for the Department of Chemical Engineering at Princeton, and recently joined the Executive Advisory Committee for the National Science Foundation's Science and Technology Center for Environmentally Responsible Solvents and Processes at North Carolina State University/University of North Carolina. She is also a member of the Board of Directors of ANSER Corporation."

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