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Michael Boos is Vice President, General Counsel, and the Director of the 501c4 fundraising organization Citizens United American Sovereignty Action Project of Manassas, Virginia.

Boos, who also runs the 501c4 The Presidential Coalition, registered a new 527 committee, the 2007 Conservative Victory Committee, on June 6, 2007.[1]

"Americans Spying on Americans"

"Michael Boos, Program Director of Young America's Foundation, says the group promotes conservative ideas on college campuses .. and keeps track of what the left-wing opposition is up to," Fredric L. Rice wrote for SkepticFiles.org circa 1988.[2]

"Boos keeps files, makes lists, takes photographs ... all to keep an eye on students and professors he says 'need watching.' Boos says that two top-level Reagan Adminstration officials -- Ken Cribb, Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, and Frank Donatelli, the President's chief Political Advisor -- support his work. Both serve on Young America's Board of Directors. Young America's financial records reveal the oganization received money from the federal government -- over $100,000 from the United States Information Agency," Rice wrote.


The following is an August 6, 2004, archived copy of Michael Boos Citizens United profile:[3]

"Michael Boos is a Northern Virginia attorney and long-time conservative activist. He currently serves as Vice President and General Counsel of Citizens United and Citizens United Foundation. Mr. Boos also directs the American Sovereignty Projects of Citizens United and Citizens United Foundation.
"Mr. Boos is a 1994 graduate of George Mason University School of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctorate degree and was the recipient of the American Jurisprudence award in Trusts and Estates. Mr. Boos received his undergraduate degree in agribusiness economics from Rutgers University in 1981.
"In 1981, Mr. Boos served as a campaign director for the National Conservative Political Action Committee, where he directed independent expenditure campaigns against a number of prominent liberal congressmen and senators.
"In 1982, Mr. Boos joined the staff of Young Americans for Freedom as project director, where he initiated a variety of projects and programs designed to promote conservative ideas and values on college campuses.
"From 1983 - 1988, Mr. Boos served as program director for Young America's Foundation. In that capacity he was in charge of the organization's campus research programs and edited the group's newsletter, Libertas. Mr. Boos also helped organize a number of nationwide campus speaking tours by anti-Communist student leaders from Europe and Latin America.
"While serving as program director at Young America's Foundation, Mr. Boos became the lead plaintiff in the U.S. Supreme Court Case of Boos v. Barry. The case involved a successful constitutional challenge to a Washington, DC law that prohibited the carrying of signs or banners near foreign embassies, if those signs or banners were designed to bring the foreign government into 'public odium' or 'public disrepute.'
"From 1988-1990, Mr. Boos served as executive director of the Legal Affairs Council, where he oversaw efforts to defend conservatives and conservative values in the nation's courts. Mr. Boos remained as editor of LAC's monthly newsletter, Legal Briefs Bulletin, until 1995.
"In 1990, Mr. Boos opened his own company, New Dominion Information Services, LTD, which specialized in public relations, communications and research. That same year, Mr. Boos entered George Mason University School of Law.
"Mr. Boos joined the staff of Citizens United in January 1995. He also maintains a private law practice in Northern Virginia. Mr. Boos is admitted to practice before the Virginia Supreme Court, 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia."

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