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In its original website of 1998, MEMRI listed 6 staff members: its President and cofounder Israeli Colonel Yigal Carmon, cofounder Dr. Meyrav Wurmser (Executive Director), Aaron Mannes (Director of Research), Yotam Feldner (Director of Media Analysis), Stacey Lakind (Research Associate), and Aluma Solnick (Research Associate). Stacey Lakind left in late 1998, and Aaron Mannes in early 2001; the others were still MEMRI staff as of October 5, 2001, when MEMRI stopped listing its employees on its website. Dr. Meyrav Wurmser left in early 2002 to join the Hudson Institute; she was replaced as Executive Director by Steven Stalinsky. [1]

Aluma Solnick appears to have changed her name to Aluma Dankowitz, in which case she is now Director of MEMRI's Reform Project. [12]

As of January 17, 2002, MEMRI had a much larger number of employees [13] and had "over 30" in August 2002, with the current number unknown). Citing bomb threats, it provides no information on their identities beyond stating that they are "of different nationalities" and different religions. These include or have included:

The Jerusalem branch includes: