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Menahem Milson is Professor of modern Arabic literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He is the author of a book (1997) on the life and work of the Egyptian Nobel laureate Najib Mahfuz, titled "Najib Mahfuz: The Novelist-Philosopher of Cairo." [1]

Colonel Milson (Ret.) served as Advisor on Arab Affairs to the Israeli Military Government in the West Bank and Gaza (June 1976 to September 1978). He was President Sadat’s aide-de-camp during the Egyptian President’s visit to Jerusalem in November 1977. [2] From November 1981 to September 1982, he was Head of the Military Administration of the Palestinian occupied territories.

He was Dean of the Faculty of Humanities (1991/2 to 1997/8) and Provost of the Rothberg International School (October 1999 to September 2002).

Milson is an academic advisor to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). [3] Other sources (but not MEMRI's website) identify Milson as MEMRI's co-founder and chair. [4]

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