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John Sellers run the liberal public relations and online campaign consulting business Agit-Pop which he co-founded with Andrew Boyd. Their clients include dozens of groups affiliated with Democratic Party politics and liberal causes including MoveOn, CREDO, Families USA, AFSCME, etc.

From 2000: " John Sellers organizes organizers. He activates activists. As director of the aptly named Ruckus Society, the jocular 33-year-old trains would-be hellraisers in the finer points of "direct action" -- a modern brand of civil disobedience designed to captivate the mass media. Ruckus first entered the national spotlight during the Battle of Seattle and was recently instrumental in planning protests at the Philadelphia and Los Angeles conventions.

"Sellers, who cut his activist teeth at Greenpeace in the early '90s, is a career thorn in the side of the establishment. When we spoke to Mr. Ruckus, he had just returned from Calgary, Canada, where he'd been leading protests at the World Petroleum Congress." [1]


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