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The Jerusalem Foundation "believes in a comprehensive approach to promoting and enhancing a free, open, pluralistic and modern society in Jerusalem."

"The special task of caring for Jerusalem fell to Teddy Kollek in 1965 when he was elected Mayor of Jerusalem for the first time. He understood the unique blend of complexity and beauty that is Jerusalem and had the vision of bringing the ordinary reality to the level of the ideal Jerusalem - linking heaven and earth. He believed in striving for the ideal city and creating an exemplary society. Realizing that the municipal government would never be able to respond to this complex task, he founded the Jerusalem Foundation in 1966 under the leadership of Ruth Cheshin and entrusted her and the new organization with the unique mission of creating a worthy capital for Israel, the Jewish people and the citizens of Jerusalem. Ruth Cheshin continues to lead the Jerusalem Foundation and together with Jerusalem Foundation International Chairman, Dan Meridor, Teddy Kollek's vision for Jerusalem is carried forward to a new generation." [1]

People [2]

Israel Board of Directors

Accessed May 2010: [3]

Board of Governors: Zvi Agmon, Tamar Ben David, Yoram Belizovsky, Alan Hassenfeld, Meir Heth, Gary Leibler, Martin Paisner, Dan Suesskind, Yossi Vardi, Moshe Vidman, Rizek Abusharr, David Arad, Avraham Asheri, Tamara Barnea, Shlomo Belkind, Amnon Eisenberg, Moshe Eliash, Michael Federmann, Yaron Angel, Ruth Gavison, Martin Gerstel, Ralph Goldman, Ruth Gorenstein, David Hacohen, Nechama Hillamn, Richard Hirsch, Ya'acov Hirsch, Amos Mar-Haim, Raphael Molcho, Shlomit Molho, Jacob Ner-David, Doron Rechlevsky, Yaron Sadan, George Saman, Micha Shagrir, Imad Telhami, Ran Tuttnauer, Yosef Uziely, Menachem Ya'ari

Board of Governors (2007)

The Jerusalem Foundation, Inc. (USA)

Accessed May 2010: [4]

Directors: David N. Bottoms, Jr., Daniel Crown, Lester Crown, Richard Edelman, Neal Goldman, Ralph Goldman, Linda Jesselson, Jordan Kassalow, Lynne Koeppel, Nathan Leight, Isidore Mayrock, Theodore Mirvis, Allen Model, Ambassador Lyndon Olson, Jr., Bernard M. Plum, Jeffrey Pulver, Bernard Rapoport, David Recanati, Craig Reicher, Barbara Rifkind, Erica J. Stein, Merryl H. Tisch, Honorable John C. Whitehead, Director Emeritus; [Leonard A. Wilf]]

US Directors (2007)



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