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James Crotty is running as an independent candidate for the Pembroke by-election which will be held on August 1, 2009.[1] (See Pembroke by-election 2009 for more details). Crotty is a member of the Labor Party.

Announcing his candidature

In a media release announcing that he would contest the Pembroke by-election, Crotty stated that his "philosophy is closely aligned to Labor and I am a member of the Labor Party; my independence is exemplified by the fact the Party has chosen not to preselect me. I give the Labor voters in Pembroke an opportunity to support Labor values while still preserving the independence of the Legislative Council."[2]

As for policy issues, Crotty stated that he recognised "the pressing needs of the community in accessing health services, aged care and education. My 25 years of work within the community as a lawyer has provided the experience to bring about the change to fulfil those needs" and that "we need honest open approaches to conserving our great natural heritage while taking Tasmania forward." He stated that he wanted to be elected so that he could "provide a strong, secure prosperity based on education and sustainable employment."[2]

On Tasmanian Times, Crotty stated that "I am committed to better education and health services. I oppose the wholesale destruction of Tasmania’s environment and believe forestry policy should be reviewed. I am against the Tarkine Rd and would spend that money promoting small business, the real employers and wealth creators in Tasmania."[1]

On his campaign website Crotty states that "a community needs access to good health services. I support the GP Superclinic proposed for Clarence and will work to see a comprehensive range of services available from the clinic. A community needs good planning. Good planning means, health care, aged care and educational facilities are just a bus ride away. Good planning promotes sustainable, environmentally sensitive development. Good planning will protect our river. Good planning provides real jobs for our children."[3]

In an interview with Michael Stedman from The Mercury, Crotty has also flagged that "he would support independent group with power to investigate corruption and complaints against police and the judiciary."[4]

The Mercury reported that Crotty has "refused to rule out joining the Labor government if an offer was made in the event that he was elelcted. 'I would hope that should I be elected the labor Party would come to its senses and realise they should have endorsed me in the first place."[5]

Contact Details

Website: http://www.jamescrotty.com.au/

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