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"Lieutenant General James Alan Abrahamson, chairman of StratCom International, Inc. and former director of the Star Wars programme initiated during the Reagan administration, is in talks with officials of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the Indian Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO)." --BBC.co.uk, July 17, 2003.

Former U.S. astronaut (selected 1967) Lieutenant General (USAF, Ret.) James Alan Abrahamson is in partnership with Mansoor Ijaz, the "founder and chairman of Crescent Investment Management LLC, a New York investment partnership between Ijaz, Lt. Gen. James Alan Abrahamson (USAF Ret), former director of President Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative, and Turkey's Global Group. Former CIA Director, R. James Woolsey, Jr. serves as vice chairman of Crescent's Board of Governors...."

Also see Crescent Technology Ventures PLC.


"General Abrahamson spent 33 years in the USAF. During his distinguished military career he was Project Manager for Maverick guided missiles, Director of the multinational F-16 program, Associate Administrator of Space Flight for NASA where he ran the Space Shuttle program for three years. He was also the First Director, Strategic Defense Initiative 'Star Wars' program.

"In his civilian career General Abrahamson served as Chairman of Oracle Corporation for three years, was President of Hughes Aircraft Transportation Sector and also selected as Director, Task Force One for the FAA." [1]

Abrahamson was born May 19, 1933, in Williston, North Dakota. He flew 49 combat missions over Southeast Asia and retired from military service in 1969.

From 1989 to 1992, he worked for Hughes Aircraft. Beginning in 1995, he worked for the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security.

Abrahamson earned a Bachelor of Science in aeronautical engineering from MIT in 1955; master of science in aeronautical engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1961.

From SpaceFacts.de.

Other Affiliations

November 13, 2001 News Release, ORBIMAGE, Global Imaging Information:

"Lt. General (Ret.) James A. Abrahamson, a member of the ORBIMAGE board of directors since 1998, was named Chairman of the Board....

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