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The web site no longer works. But according to a 2016 version of their site:

"IGSO is an independent intellectual center. Its activity is aimed at the working out expert assessments, research activity and support to the initiatives directed at the democratic and radical social and economic transformation of the society.

"The predecessor of the Institute for globalization and social movements (IGSO) was Institute of globalization problems (IPROG) founded by Mikhail Delyagin that was headed by Boris Kagarlitsky since 2002. During these years Institute entered into collaboration with Amsterdam Transnational Institute (, German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (, Ebert Foundation (( And nowadays IGSO is still in close cooperation with these organizations. IGSO became the organizational center for the Russian delegation for the European Social Forum, took active part in the preparation work of the 1st and 2nd Russian Social Forum. It also organized many seminars and conferences, launched informational and analytical web-site “Global Alternative”, published books and brochures, devoted to the social movements in Russia, to the development of left ideology in the modern world etc.

"In 2006 Institute divided into two parts. Mikhail Delyagin headed the organization that preserved the old name, and the major part of the staff established the new institute – IGSO. Boris Kagarlitsky and Boris Kravchenko, shortly before elected as the president of the All-Russian Labor Confederation (the leading association of the free trade unions of Russia), became the founders of IGSO that was registered in January, 2007...In addition to the old partners there are the new ones. IGSO entered into close interaction with the Left party of Sweden and its party school in Malmo. In 2009 Heinrich Boll Foundation ( was added to the list of IGSO partners. In Ukraine Institute organized a series of seminars and conferences together with the Organization of Marxists (ÎÌ, and other left groups. In Russia the activity of the Institute is not allocated only in Moscow, researchers and activists from other regions of Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Penza, Orenburg etc.) participate in it. Institute has its representatives abroad. IGSO conducts common projects with the All-Russian Labor Confederation and other free trade unions. Specialists of IGSO became the consultants of the trade unions, gave informational support, including the uniting process initiated by the All-Russian Labor Confederation and Labor Confederation of Russia.

"Since 2007 new projects were started. In the frames of the Institute the united editorial board was organized. IGSO started publishing “Left policy” journal. In July 2008 IGSO supported the start of the Internet-journal “” ( The united editorial board was headed by Aleksey Kozlov. The project “Legal Marxism” aimed at the popularization in the society and among the left activists of marxist economic analysis methods was started in the second half of 2007.

"...In 2008 Institute acquired the reputation of one of the leading analytical centers. Serious results were achieved by the Economic research center of IGSO headed by Vasiliy Koltashov..." [1]

They listed the following groups as "Partners":

  • Rosa Luxemburg Foundation
  • Transnational Institute (TNI)
  • Fund “New political system”

Staff (2016)

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  1. Institute of Globalization and Social Movements About, organizational web page, accessed August 26, 2017.