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Boris Yulyevich Kagarlitsky (Russian: Бори́с Ю́льевич Кагарли́цкий; born 29 August 1958 in Moscow) is a Russian so-called Marxist theoretician and sociologist who has been a political dissident in the Soviet Union and in post-Soviet Russia. In 2002 he was the "political editor of the popular left-liberal Moscow newspaper Novaya Gazeta." [1] criticism

He is coordinator of the Transnational Institute Global Crisis project and Director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements (IGSO) in Moscow. wiki He writes for the The Weekly Worker which is the paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain.

Anton Shekhovtsov refers to Boris as a "allegedly left-wing publicist". On June 2 2014: "he joined, via Skype, the founding meeting of the "Solidarity with the Antifascist Resistance in Ukraine" that was attended by Richard Brenner, Lindsey German (Counterfire), Andrew Murray (Communist Party of Great Britain), Alan Woods (International Marxist Tendency) and Sergei Kirichuk (Borotba)." Anton goes on to note:

"In Russia, however, Kagarlitsky prefers a different company. I have already mentioned that Kagarlitsky took part in a meeting of the Russian far right "Florian Geyer" club headed by Russian right-wing Islamist Geydar Dzhemal and frequented by Russian fascists such as Aleksandr Dugin, Maksim Kalashnikov and Mikhail Leontyev, Swedish anti-Semite Israel Shamir and Italian Nazi-Maoist Claudio Mutti among others." [2]


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