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Ibiba Don Pedro "is a Nigerian journalist. In 2003 she won the CNN African Journalist of the Year award. She also won the Reuters-IUCN media Award 2000 (English-speaking Africa) for excellence in environmental reporting in Amman, Jordan. Ibiba DonPedro completed a Master degree in Mass Communications at the University of Leicester, UK in 2002/2003. She holds a BA (Hons) degree in English from the University of Jos, Nigeria. She is currently working on a book, “Trapped in the Barrel”, an investigative exploration of the consequences of oil production on women in the oil producing communities." [1]

In 2001, Ibiba DonPedro, "a reporter for "The Guardian" of Nigeria, has won the 2001 Lorenzo Natali Prize for West African Journalism. The prize is an initiative of the European Union, and is administered by the International Federation of Journalists." [2]