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The Haiti Democracy Project is "a right-wing think tank founded by Republican State Department and other officials and by Haitian elites. I believe that the primary financing came from a guy named Rudolph Boulos (a doctor in Haiti, a very strong supporter of right-wing causes and a virulent anti-Lavalas activist), and is a large recipient of USAID funds." (Brian Concannon, Director of the Institute for Democracy and Justice in Haiti, Feb. 16, 2006).

HDP was launched on November 19, 2002 at the Brookings Institute, in Washington DC. (Broadcast by CSPAN). Attending the event are some questionable figures including Stanley Lucas and Olivier Nadal. Lucas is the point man in Haiti for the USAID-financed International Republican Institute, which is providing training and funds to anti-Aristide Haitian rebels in the Dominican Republic (2001-2004). Nadal is a Miami-based Haitian businessman and the former president of the Haitian Chamber of Commerce. (from news item: Haiti Democracy Project, Nov. 20, 2004) Nadal is implicated in a peasant massacre that occurred in the Haitian town of Piatre.[1]

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