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Peter Neill, Director, World Ocean Observatory writes: "According to the press release announcing the Partnership, "...fragmented approaches that fail to consider social, political, economic and ecological relationships will fail to meet the complex challenges facing ocean health." An accompanying report, Indispensable Ocean, prepared by an international panel of 21 ocean leaders from 16 nations, convened by the World Bank, calls for an integrated approach to ocean investment and emphasizes the essential role of public-private partnerships. " [1]

"The Blue Ribbon Panel comprises leaders from 16 countries, representing government, the private sector, non-profit organizations, academia, and multi-lateral institutions. The Panel will provide recommendations to the Global Partnership for Oceans on the principles and practices for prioritizing and implementing sustainable ocean investment. Complete findings and recommendations from the panel were released on October 16, 2013. Read the report here.

"The first meeting of the Panel took place in Washington, DC from April 18-19. The group focused on one of four tasks of the panel: identifying the foundational principles for prioritizing and selecting areas for targeted GPO investment. The second was in Singapore from June 19-21. The Panel heard from external experts and discussed approaches for measuring progress. The third and final meeting of the Panel was in Casablanca, Morocco from July 29 - August 1. The Panel worked to finalize the content of their report that will recommend principals and approaches for ocean investment. The report of the Blue Ribbon Panel was released on October 16, 2013." [2]


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