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Givat Haviva "was founded in 1949 as the national education center of the Kibbutz Artzi Movement, a federation of 83 kibbutzim throughout Israel. Our overriding goals are to educate for peace, democracy, coexistence and social solidarity; to resist racism and all forms of discrimination; and to foster greater understanding between different groups in Israeli society and among nations. Givat Haviva is a dynamic institute which conducts seminars and workshops, hosts conferences, and offers formal and informal educational programs for adults and children in a broad range of professional and academic fields...

"Through the various departments at Givat Haviva – including the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace, the Arts Center, the Peace Library, “Moreshet” Center for Study and Research of the Holocaust, “Yad Yaari” Archives and the International Department – our distinguished faculty of Jewish and Arab educators contributes to a contemporary approach to teaching. We believe that education is the most important contribution we can make to future generations. Through workshops, seminars, lectures and dialogue groups, we endeavor to break down existing stereotypes and pave the way for new thinking." [1]



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