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George Prescott Bush is the eldest son of Florida governor Jeb Bush, the nephew of President George W. Bush, and grandson of former President George H.W. Bush. Bush's mother, Columba Garnica Gallo, is a native of Mexico. [1] "Now a lawyer in Dallas, P., as his family calls him, sits on the Republican National Committee's Hispanic advisory panel and is active in urban-renewal efforts in Texas." [2] George P. Bush has also been "nicknamed 47, as in the 47th presidency." [3]

Bush is "vice president of Charter Holdings, a real estate investment company in Dallas. About six months ago, he moved to Fort Worth with his wife, Amanda Williams Bush, who is an attorney at Jackson Walker in Fort Worth," Aman Batheja wrote December 7, 2006, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram.[1]


Following his August 2004 Kennebunkport, ME, marriage to Amanda Williams, who worked for the Jackson Walker law firm in Fort Worth, Texas, "specializing in commercial and labor litigation", George P. Bush left "his position as an assistant to a federal judge in Dallas to join the Dallas office of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, where he will work in corporate law. The firm is one of the world’s largest and earns millions lobbying in Washington," the Associated Press reported.


Bush Dynasty's Only Male Political Heir

"The ONLY male in the next generation of the Bush family is George P. Bush, the son of Jeb Bush and his Mexican wife. Since President Bush has no son, his relationship with his nephew is stronger than normal for uncle-nephew, it is almost like father-son," WD commented December 2, 2004, on American Renaissance.

"The ONLY person in the next generation of the Bush family who is politically motivated whatsoever is George P. Bush. Therefore If George P. Bush does not eventually become the governor of Texas, the Bush political dynasty will be ended," WD wrote.

Grampa Bush: One of the "little brown ones"

When George P. Bush stepped into the GOP "convention limelight" in 2000, it was not for the first time, Mike Ferullo wrote August 4, 2000, for CNN. "'P' stepped onto the national scene at the 1988 Republican National convention -- where his grandfather George Bush was nominated president -- by leading the pledge of allegiance during the third day of the New Orleans gathering. ...

"It was during that same convention, that the elder Bush created a minor stir when he pointed out George P. and his siblings to President Reagan and his wife Nancy as 'the little brown ones'," Ferullo wrote.

Published Works about George P. Bush

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  • Lyn Nofzier, Washington Times Review, April 11, 2004.


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