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Neil Mallon Bush, born January 22, 1955, is a brother to President George Walker Bush and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and the son of former President George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush.


It is noted by several sources that the "Mallon" name derives from Neil Mallon, a one-time president of Dresser Industries (acquired by Halliburton in 1998/merger engineered by Dick Cheney) with strong connections to the Bush patriarchy.

  • "The Handbook of Texas" Online: Dresser Industries: "By 1927 the company's annual sales had reached $3.7 million, and some 400 workers were required to keep up with the demand. Dresser's descendants, who had been operating the company since the founder's death, decided to sell it, and in 1928 the Wall Street investment-banking firm of W. A. Harriman and Company, Incorporated, converted the firm into a public company by issuing 300,000 shares of stock. H. Neil Mallon was selected as president and chief executive officer; he held that position until his retirement in 1962."
  • The Sins of the Father: "...Yuppie elite groups operating out of Yale, produce many familiar names, like Prescott Bush, grandfather of George Dubbya. ... Prescott convinced his partners at the banking house of Brown Brothers Harriman--among them Averell Harriman, a fellow Skull and Bones member-- to wave the firm's nepotism rule so George could work there. Uncle George Herbert Walker, Jr. offered him a job at G.H. Walker and Co., the private Wall Street banking firm founded by his father, Bush's maternal grandfather. ... Instead of taking those two prospects, George opted for a third family tie. He met with Henry Neil Mallon, the president of Dresser Industries. Mallon offered George his first job at Dresser subsidiary International Derrick and Equipment Company (Ideco), in Odessa, Texas. Brown Brothers Harriman had underwritten Dresser's transition from a private company to a publicly traded one. Years later, George named a son after Mallon.... "
  • 14 November 2002, Dallas News: "Former President George Bush will receive the prestigious H. Neil Mallon Award on Friday from the World Affairs Council of Greater Dallas. He'll be introduced by Dallas political legend Robert Strauss at the council's annual award dinner. ... The late Mr. Mallon, former chairman and chief executive of Dresser Industries, was a Yale University classmate of Mr. Bush's father, Prescott Bush. ... Mr. Mallon founded the Dallas Council on World Affairs, which was recently renamed the World Affairs Council. He also brought George Bush to Texas to work for Dresser and later helped him start his oil business in the Midland area."
  • 30 June 2002: "In merging with Dresser, Cheney picked a firm with long ties to the Bush family. Prescott Bush, the father of the former President Bush, was the banking representative who helped finance the deal that established Dresser and served on the company's board. The former president wrote in his autobiography that Neil Mallon, the former president of Dresser Industries, was a mentor second only to my father. ... It was Mallon who helped former President Bush get into the oil business, and Bush worked for Dresser for 21/2 years. The brother of the current President Bush, Neil, is named after Mallon."


According to information gathered by ABCNews in 2000, Neil Bush is a "Houston businessman [who] worked on [his brother George?s] failed 1978 congressional campaign and helped out with each of his father?s campaigns. Currently director of Interlink, an international consultancy based in Houston ? in his father?s offices. Noted most for his involvement as director of the failed Silverado Savings and Loan, which cost the federal government $1 billion to clean-up during the S&L crisis. Regulators never pressed charges, but he paid $50,000 to settle a lawsuit lodged by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Married to Sharon Smith, who he met while campaigning for his father in New Hampshire. They have two children, Lauren and Pierce. Education: St. Alban?s preperatory; Tulane University BA International Relations; MA Business."[1]

25 November 2003: "Bush Brother Business Deals Detailed in Divorce," Reuters:

"Neil Bush, younger brother of President Bush, detailed lucrative business deals and admitted to engaging in sex romps with women in Asia in a deposition taken in March as part of his divorce from now ex-wife Sharon Bush.

"According to legal documents disclosed on Tuesday, Sharon Bush's lawyers questioned Neil Bush closely about the deals, especially a contract with Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp., a firm backed by Jiang Mianheng, the son of former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, that would pay him $2 million in stock over five years." -- see online copy of contract at the Memory Hole.

"Bush said he was co-chairman of Crest Investment Corporation, but worked only an average of three to four hours a week. For that, he received $15,000 every three months."

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