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George Fox and William Kininmonth have written an article for the Lavoisier Group arguing that "the effect on climate of human-induced carbon dioxide emissions is negligible".

A biographical note about Fox used by Lavoisier Group states that he has a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Engineering and is a "a 'Professional Engineer' with 60 years experience, including 4 years Army service during WW2 and 25 years with English Electric Company, makers of heavy electric power generation, distribution and utilisation plant, locomotives and aircraft who employed 100,000 people worldwide. He was their General Manager for India for 3 1/2 years then their CEO for Australia for over 9 years with a 2,000 strong workforce obtaining contracts for 5,000MW of power generating plant and over 300 diesel electric locomotives and many other items for governments, mines and industry around Australia. This was followed by Directorships on 12 company Boards over more than 30 years that involved about 15 round-the-world travels to see the world's major coal and gas fired, nuclear and hydro-electric power stations. He lives in Pymble, NSW, Australia. [1]

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