Gathering of Eagles: Threat to damage the Vietnam Veterans Wall/Muriatic Acid

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While appearing March 16, 2007, on Fox News' "Your World with Neil Cavuto" to discuss the "upcoming anti-protest protest to protect the Vietnam Memorial" on March 17, 2007, Old War Dogs member and Gathering of Eagles co-chair Larry Bailey—a retired U.S. Navy Captain who was president of Vietnam Vets for the Truth, "which attacked 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate Senator John Kerry's military record, on the heels of the more well-known" Swift Boat Veterans for Truth— when asked whether "there really is truly a credible threat to the wall, Bailey reveal[ed] that [he'd] heard that the anti-war commies are planning on bringing muriatic acid to throw on the memorial, and advising their minions to bring lots of yellow spray paint for its walls." [1] A video link is posted at the bottom of the page.

On March 7, 2007, 'Tom Hayden lives', a poster commenting in the D.C. Indymedia thread "Anti-authoritarian bloc on the 17th?", wrote:

"The hell with paint, bring muriatic acid, it etches the stone, can never be removed, lets get rid of all memorials to war mongering pigs."

To which poster 'you must be really lonely' replied:

"Yup. This sounds like an agent provocateur, or a really stupid Freeper, trying to get anyone to defend the war or Bush at this point."

The link to this comment has been found repeated on at least one forum, as can be seen here.

The only subsequent mention of muriatic acid comes from the comments made by Bailey on Fox News March 16, 2007. [2]

Note: Muriatic acid is an old name for hydrochloric acid. It is infrequently used and is highly toxic. [3]