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The Frontier Centre for Public Policy is a think tank espousing conservative and free-market policies in Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Its states mission is "to develop and popularize policy choices that will help Canada's prairie region live up to its vast but unrealized economic potential".It obtained charitable status as a registered educational organization in Canada in April 1999.


Board of Research Advisors

As of June 2006 Frontier lists its Board of Research Advisors as:

  • Brian Lee Crowley, founding president of the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies (AIMS) in Halifax, Nova Scotia;
  • David Beito, associate professor of history at the University of Alabama
  • Wendell Cox, principal of Wendell Cos Consultancy, an international public policy, demographics and transport consulting firm
  • David Henderson, associate professor, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California
  • Johan Hjestqvist, founder and president Health Consumer Powerhouse, Brussels, Belgium
  • Lawrence W. Reed, president Mackinanc Center for Public Policy, Michigan
  • Milton Boyd, professor University of Manitoba
  • Owen McShane, Director, Centre for Resource Management Studies, a privately sponsored New Zealand-based think tank specialising in resource management
  • Rodney Clifton, professor, University of Manitoba.
  • Sir Roger Douglas, former Finance Minister, New Zealand
  • Tim Ball, extensive background in climatology
  • Ronald Jensen, co-author of "Re-inventing government".
  • Ruth Richardson, former Minister of Finance, New Zealand
  • Alex Avery, Director of Research and Education, Hudson Institute's Center for Food Issues.


As of June 2006 Frontier Institute staff are: