Fernande Raine

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Fernande Raine "A native of New York with a multi-cultural identity, Fernande has been committed to social change since her high-school and college years, when she played an active role in educational policy debates and student government. Interested in understanding the forces of history and the importance of individual responsibility, she pursued a Ph.D. in History, which she received from Yale in 2000. While conducting research in Russia, she decided to focus on participating in changing the present, and joined McKinsey. She worked there for several years, participating in and leading change-projects in the private, public, and social sectors. Fernande came to Ashoka in 2002 to lay the foundation for Ashoka's launch in Germany and France, and for its Social Financial Services program. After a two-year absence in which she led the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard, she is now returning to lead Ashoka's effort to expand its leadership team." [1]