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Fabio Feldmann

"In October 2000, Fabio Feldmann was appointed the Executive Secretary of the Brazilian Climate Forum, and Special Advisor to the President for the WSSD meeting preparatory process in Brazil. In 1994 he was appointed State Secretary for the environment of Sao Paulo, leaving office in 1998, after an outstanding record in implementing environmental policies in the state. He was elected for Congress as the first environmental representative in 1986, and was re-elected for three consecutive mandates. As a leader in Congress he coordinated the group that wrote the chapter on the environment in the Constitution passed in 1988. Fabio Feldmann is a lawyer and a business administrator by training, and has been an environmental activist since the early seventies. In 1990, Mr. Feldmann was awarded UNEP's Global 500 in acknowledgement of his contribution to the environmental cause." [1]

"It was his remarkable expertise and his commitment to the cause of sustainable development that lead Brazilian Former President Fernando Henrique Cardoso, to appoint him the Executive Secretary on the Brazilian Forum on Climate Change in 2000, and soon after selected him once again to a key post, as the Presidential adviser for the World Summit on Sustainable Development. In 2005 he helped to create the Paulista Forum on Global Climate Change and Biodiversity, of which he is the Executive Secretary. For that he is active in promoting capacity building in the area of climate change, as well contributing to the drafting of a Brazilian Political Strategy for Climate Change so as to allow Brazil to achieve its objectives, thus, complying with its commitments under the United Nations Climate Change Convention and the Kyoto Protocol.

"As an active environmentalist at Law School, he became one of the founding members of many of Brazil's main environmental organizations, such as OIKOS, the S.O.S. Mata Atlântica Foundation (of which he was the first president), Funatura, and Biodiversitas, making him an exemplary leader for the environmental cause. In addition, he assisted International NGOs such as Greenpeace to establish a base in Brazil. In addition, provided counsel to many International NGOs such as Conservation International, The Nature Conservancy, LEAD International, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Ecological Footprint, the IAG board of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), The Rainforest Foundation and Friends of the Earth - Brazilian Amazon. In many cases he also served as a board member of these important organizations.

"In addition, Mr. Feldmann has organized, written and sponsored several innovative publications on sustainable development issues. As an active participant in both Brazilian and Global Sustainable Development Issues, his statement was included in the Brundtland Commission's final report. He has also lectured at various prestigious academic institutions, as well as places including the World Bank and has lectured once at the United States Congress. In recognition of all his work, he received the United Nations' Global 500 Award in June 1990.

"Currently, Mr. Feldmann directs Fabio Feldmann Consultores, a consulting firm specialized in sustainable development and environmental issues." [2]


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