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Eurasia Group has offices in New York, Washington, London, and Tokyo; with about 100 full-time employees. The company also employs a network of 480 experts in 65 countries in Asia, Latin America, Europe & Eurasia, and Middle East & Africa--a profile The Economist magazine calls "an inspiration for any academic with a seemingly useless degree in political science." [1]

Eurasia Group is best known as a political risk advisory group, and is generally recognized to be the first to systematically bring political science as a discipline to Wall Street. [2] This approach includes the Citigroup Eurasia Group Global Political Risk Index (GPRI)--the first qualitative comparative political and economic risk index designed specifically to measure stability in emerging markets. Developed over a ten-year period by experts in transitional politics and economics, the methodology provides an "early warning" system which helps anticipate critical trends and provides a measure for country capacity to withstand political, economic, security, and social shocks.[3]

Eurasia Group services include analytical research publications and tailored consulting and advisory services, as well as direct access to Eurasia Group analysts, on political trends and their impact on business, financial markets and the foreign investment climate. Eurasia Group's 300 clients include major investment banks, institutional investors, government agencies, and multinational corporations in numerous sectors.[4]

Meeting Facilitation

On its website, the Eurasia Group used to make great play of its ability to organize private conferences with influential figures:

"Members receive exclusive opportunities to meet privately with visiting ministers and top government officials from the Eurasian region. We also arrange first class made-to-order conferences and roundtables with visiting dignitaries and members of foreign governments stationed in Washington and in New York."[5]

However, Eurasia Group's focus has shifted to be global (rather than simply on Eurasia) and to encompass an entire range of consulting and advisory services, focusing on access to its analytical researchers, though "Eurasia Group provides Advisory Service clients with complimentary admission to Eurasia Group events, private meetings, receptions, and dinners, offering numerous opportunities to engage in direct dialogue with leaders."[6]


It is believed that Eurasia Group currently provides political risk services for the largest global financial and corporate enterprises as well as governments.

Eurasia Group used to publish a partial list of clients on its website, but no longer does. The most recent copy of this list in the Internet Archive is from September 2005:[7]

Clients at that time included:

Media mentions

Eurasia Group experts are widely quoted in print media and make daily broadcast media appearances A listing of signficant up-to-date media mentions/appearances is available here [8]

Contact details[9]

New York headquarters
475 Fifth Avenue
14th floor
New York, NY 10017
t +1 212.213.3112
f +1 212.213.3075

Washington office
1818 N Street NW
7th floor
Washington, DC 20036
t +1 202.298.6300
f +

London office
30-31 Great Sutton Street
1st floor
t +44 (0) 20.7553.9820
f +44 (0) 20.7553.9830

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