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"The Essene Network is made up of a group of people who have been brought together by a common interest in the Essenes. It was founded by Sir George Trevelyan, Anne MacEwen, Brian and Jackie Stevenson and others to popularise the wonderful meditations with Angels published by Dr. Szekely in his book, “The Gospel of the Essenes.”...

"Fascinatingly, the regressionist Dolores Cannon, whilst working with patients found access to many details about Qumran through the memories of her subjects and published her book, “Jesus and the Essenes”, soon after the Network was founded. Shortly afterwards came another beautiful little volume called, “They walked with Jesus.”

"This curiously sparked off the distant recall of many of us. So, as a group, we do believe in reincarnation. Otherwise we are very open thinkers and subscribe to no particular creed, apart from Szekely’s “Credo”, which states: ‘We believe that our most precious possession is Life.’ We also believe in the power of Angels. The Essenes, we are told, meditated at Sunrise and at Sunset invoking different Angels each day of the week. The whole sequence was laid out in the pattern of the Tree of Life, with seven branches stretching upwards to connect with the loving Heavenly father and seven roots spreading downwards to connect with the bounteous Earthly Mother. This we try to follow and it has added a magic to life (for me anyway!) These daily meditations are set out as “Communions with the Angels” on another page.

"As a group, members of the Essene Network now seek to help people adjust to new spiritual energies and a rapidly changing world. Many of us are healers and therapists. We are also becoming aware of a great Awakening to another dimension in which we recognise the sacredness of our beautiful Planet. We commit to being Children of the Light and feel caught up in a process of becoming more enlightened...

"Recently Stuart Wilson published his second book, “Power of the Magdalene”, in which is written: “The Universe is vast and there are some areas of knowledge that go beyond our experience”....”The Essenes were particularly significant because they lived at an important time for this planet. The cycle downwards into material density had to be brought to a close and the upward spiral into Light had to begin. The Essenes played a major part in this whole process.”

"Today we feel we are New Essenes linked into the great changes that are developing around us. We strive to fulfil as best we can a service to higher realms in cooperation with divine influences. As members of the Essene Network we work together in a spiritual sense for a better world."[1]



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