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"The International Essene Educational Network, Inc. (I.E.E.N.I) is a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit United States Foundation. Its mission is to protect the Vilcabamba Valley and the Rain Forest of Ecuador from commercial development and to create a sustainable green eco-culture there... The foundation is purchasing 400 key acres in Vilcabamba Valley for the purpose of making it into a world heritage park. This will protect this land in perpetuity. Ecuador is geographically the middle of the Earth (La Mitad del Mundo) and is a global heart center for our planet. It is vital that we protect it.

"I.E.E.N.I. is accepting large and small donations to acquire these acres and your financial support is very important. Their total budget is six million dollars. It is urgent that the land be purchased within the next two months and the Foundation start building an International Eco-Rejuvenation Center and plant organic heirloom seeds on a portion of this precious land. The Foundation's mission is also to give Condor and Eagle Sound Healing Ceremonies to reunite North and South America. By bringing these two continents together, it will bring about a major positive green transformation of the world." [1]



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