Elk Point Refinery

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Elk Point Refinery
company Hyperion Resources, LLP
State South Dakota
location Union County
current capacity 0
projected capacity 400,000 bpd
project cost $10 billion
project type new refinery

Project Summary

Hyperion is in the planning stage for a new $10 billion, 400,000 bpd oil refinery to process synthetic crude from the tar sands and an associated "integrated gasification combined cycle" (IGCC) power plant. This project is sometimes called the "Gorilla Project," due to its size.[1]

Permitting Status

PSD permit application submitted Dec. 20, 2007. South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources (SDDENR) determined application to be complete on Feb. 20, 2008. Comments currently being accepted on the application. The project is also an item in a Union County Referendum to be held June 3, 2008.[1]

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Relevant Documents

  • [1] PSD permit application and associated documents