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Edwin P. Finch was a Brown & Williamson President and was on the Tobacco Institute Executive Committee. Finch was President of Brown & Williamson in 1963.


Brown & Williamson's attorney Addison Yeaman advised Tobacco Industry Research Council (TIRC) Executive director W.T. Hoyt to withhold disclosure of the 1963 Battelle report to TIRC members or Scientific Advisory Board until further notice from him. Yeaman then sent a telegram that showed that President Finch of Brown & Williamson agreed with this strategy. Finch agreed with the admission of the Battelle results, the Surgeon General was disturbed at its implications regarding cardiovascular disorders.(Source 3/24/94). The next day, British American Tobacco English attorney Tony McCormick wrote to Brown & Williamson U.S. attorney Addison Yeaman that Sir Charles Ellis had thought it over and would not send anything (regarding the 1963 Battelle studies) to the Surgeon General. The Battelle studies apparently simply disappeared (Source 3/24/94).

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