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Education Next is a propaganda outlet for corporate education reform policies such as charter schools, school vouchers, and merit pay. Its editorial board consists of the members of the Koret Task Force, the education task force of the conservative think-tank the Hoover Institute. Although it purports to be free of ideology[1], it frequently takes the conservative point of view. For instance, it is critical of unions[2] and opposes attempts to increase or equalize funding for schools.[3]

Topics Covered

Education Next lists its topics[4] as:

Education Next list of topics
Government and Politics Inside Schools School Policy
Courts and Law Character Education Charter Schools and Vouchers
Governance and Leadership Curriculum International
Media Early Childhood and Preschool No Child Left Behind
Public Opinion Special Education School Spending
State and Federal Teachers and Teaching Standards, Testing, and Accountability
Unions and Collective Bargaining Technology School Choice

Sample Articles

The article "The Long Reach of Teachers Unions"[5] attacks the National Association of Education (NEA) for spending money lobbying legislators and for funding left-leaning grassroots groups.

The article "A Recession for Schools: Not as Bad as it Sounds"[6] claims that a cut in funding will actually benefit schools, because recessions eliminate "bloat, fat, and even fraud" and also because it makes political changes possible. Peterson writes: "What is politically impossible in good times can be readily justified when profits fall and deficits loom."

The article "School Funding: Do We Have to be as Poor as Our Neighbor?"[7] criticizes a court ruling that said wealthy neighborhoods could not raise property taxes above the state mandated limit because it would give wealthy neighborhoods an edge over poor ones.

Editorial Board

The editorial board of Education Next is:

John E. Chubb

Williamson Evers

Eric Hanushek

Paul Hill

E.D. Hirsch, Jr.

Caroline M. Hoxby

Tom Loveless

Terry M. Moe

Herbert Walberg

Grover J. Whitehurst

Executive, senior, and managing editors

Paul E. Peterson, editor-in-chief

Chester E. Finn Jr., senior editor

Frederick M. Hess, executive editor

Marci Kanstoroom, executive editor

Michael J. Petrilli, executive editor

Martin West, executive editor

Carol Peterson, managing editor


Sponsors of "Education Next" include the Hoover Institute, the Fordham Institute, and the Harvard Kennedy School Program on Education Policy and Governance.

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