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The e-Parliament "is building a new kind of international institution - one that is democratic and transparent, in which anyone can participate." [1]

"The e-Parliament has been incorporated as a non-profit organization in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The governing body is a Council made up mainly of members of parliament from around the world. In due course the Council will be elected by participating legislators in an online poll." [2]

Council and Secretariat

Accessed November 2008: [3]

A small international Secretariat is headed by:


Accessed November 2008: [4]

Pro bono contributors

Accessed November 2008: [5]

  • Booz Allen Hamilton, USA for their contribution of excellent design and technical skills to design this website.
  • Bulkley, Richardson and Gelinas, LLP, Massachusetts, USA for their legal services.
  • Cognizant, New Jersey, USA and Chennai, India for their contribution of superb technical skills to build this website and provide ongoing support.
  • EarthAction, for providing organizational and administrative support in the early stages.
  • Global Negotiation Project, Harvard Law School, USA for their assistance in research and design.
  • Open: a design studio, New York, USA for their assistance with graphic design
  • Volunteers, Brian Coughlan and Shey Cobley for the many hours of help they have given us, collecting data for the e-Parliament database.


Web: http://www.e-parl.net

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