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Deborah Koons Garcia is a film maker and activist who wrote and directed The Future of Food in 2004 and in 2011 is working on a new film titled Symphony of the Soil. BioCycle magazine, a major promoter of applying sewage sludge to farms and gardens, has announced that she will keynote their April 2011 conference in California. [1] She was the partner of the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.

The Future of Food

According to her website, "The Future of Food was shown over a dozen times as a work in progress in Mendocino County, California before the March 2004 election and was the primary element in passing Measure H which bans the planting of genetically engineered crops in the county. ... All the people who worked on The Future of Food are proud that our efforts have had a real impact in the real world." [3]

Symphony of the Soil

According to its website, "Symphony of the Soil is a multi-film documentary that explores the world of soil: how soil is formed, the life cycle of soil, human use and misuse of soil and the latest research on soil’s valuable role in sustainable farming, ameliorating greenhouse gases and dealing with other essential environmental issues of our time." [4]


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  • Phone: (1) 415-383-0553
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    • Mill Valley, CA 94942 USA

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