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Daniel Ben-Ami, who has also written under the pen name of Daniel Nassim, is a financial journalist and partisan of the libertarian LM group. He has collaborated with various LM group platforms including the Transport Research Group, Spiked Online, WORLDwrite and Living Marxism. Ben-Ami is a trenchant critic of environmentalism and an advocate of unrestrained economic growth.


Biography from Transport Research Group

Daniel Ben-Ami has worked as a financial journalist for 17 years during which time he has contributed to numerous publications including the Financial Times, Guardian, Independent, Prospect and the Sunday Times. He has also done country risk analysis on the Middle East for the Economist Intelligence Unit. His book on global finance, Cowardly Capitalism (Wiley 2001), was recommended by the Baker Library of Harvard Business School. He also contributed a chapter to Cultural Difference, Media Memories: Anglo-American Images of Japan (Cassell 1997). Daniel is currently doing research on changing perceptions of economic growth. [1]