ConocoPhillips Billings Refinery

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Billings Refinery
company ConocoPhillips Company
State Montana
location Billings
current capacity 58,000 bpd
projected capacity 71,000 bpd
project type expansion

Project Summary

ConocoPhillipsncrease met with the Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) on Dec. 5, 2007 regarding a possible expansion to increase capacity to 71,000 pbd, and that ConocoPhillips intended to submit applications for the expansion by the end of Feb., 2008 [1].

Geographic location of the refinery indicates possible Tar Sands expansion

Permitting Status

Title V renewal is current [2]. Veto Petition deadline on or about July 23, 2008.[1]

Company considering future expansion. No applications yet available.