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The Competitive Enterprise Institute has the following as its major Programs & Projects:

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The CEI And Global Warming
CEI Programs & Projects

CEI Programs

  • Free Market Legal Litigation Program CEI describes as seeking to develop "new tools for challenging government regulations and to use these in administrative and court actions to better balance the public policy debate and to restore propperty and contract rights". [1] (Pdf)
  • Environmental Studies Program, which claims to "analyze and promote property-based approaches to environmental protection as well as exploring methods of preserving both individual liberty & the environment." [2] (Pdf) On its website CEI states that the program "includes both an overall effort to reframe the environmental debate and a series of targeted projects to reform specific policies, ranging from risk regulation to global warming." [3]
  • Regulatory Reform Program which, it states, "seeks to anlayze and promote free market regulatory policies in areas ranging from technology to health and safety." [4] (Pdf)

CEI Projects

Under the umbrella of these broad program areas CEI has a number of specific projects including:

  • Bureaucrash: CEI describes Bureaucrash as "an international network of activists of all political persuasions who believe that bloated, sprawling governments and the bureaucrats and politicians who control them ought to be mocked." [5]. In fact the project involves creating "propaganda" for supporting what is calls "information war" [6]
  • Control Abuse of Power: "a project dedicated to exposing abuses of power by state Attorneys General." [7]
  • The Warren T. Brookes Fellowships in Environmental Journalism, named after a now-deceased economist and marketing executive turned conservative newspaper columnist and author of books such as The Individual as Capital and What is Progressive About Taxation?. "Through the program, CEI identifies and trains talented young people and experienced journalists who wish to improve their knowledge of environmental issues and free market economics. In this manner, the program seeks to perpetuate Brookes' tradition of reporting from a sound scientific and economic perspective," CEI states on its website.
  • Death by Regulation Project, which is headed by Sam Kazman, is aimed at "raising public awareness of the often hidden costs of government overregulation—the lives lost, for example, when the Food and Drug Administration delays new medical drugs and devices, or the human toll of downsizing cars to comply with energy-conservation mandates." [8]
It claims, for example, that automobile emissions standards drive consumers to buy smaller, flimsier automobiles, causing more deaths from car crashes. Similarly, it argues that there are "adverse public health effects of medical drug regulation and nutritional labeling." Drug regulations, it says, keep new medications off the market. As for nutritional labeling, it believes that wine makers should be able to advertise that wine consumption prevents heart attacks. However, there should be no requirement for labeling of milk from cows treated with genetically-engineered bovine growth hormone.