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Sam Kazman is general counsel of the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the head of their Death By Regulation project. CEI, an organization that supports "free market environmentalism" and fervently opposes climate change regulation, receives funding from donors such as Exxon Mobil, Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Pfizer, General Motors, the American Petroleum Institute, the American Plastics Council, the Chlorine Chemistry Council, and Arch Coal. [1] Kazman is also a speaker at the Heartland Institute sponsored International Conference on Climate Change (2009) in New York City.

On Climate Change

Kazman refutes the scientific consensus on climate change, arguing that "the global cooling we’ve experienced over the last three years" is a sign that although CO2 levels are increasing, the climate is not warming. [2] Kazman's critics, however, point out that this argument fails to differentiate between climate change and weather fluctuations. World Meteorological Organization secretary-general Michel Jarraud states that when examining climate change, ‘"you should look at trends over a pretty long period" and long term "trends of temperature globally [are] still very much indicative of warming." [3]

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