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WARNING! Sewage sludge is toxic. Food should not be grown in "biosolids." Join the Food Rights Network.

Coker Composting & Consulting is a consulting company with "more than 30 years experience in planning, designing, building and running organics recycling facilities (composting and/or digestion)."[1] The company was founded in 2005 by Craig Coker, and it promotes, among other things, the use of sewage sludge (renamed biosolids) in compost.


  • Craig Coker
  • Coker Composting & Consulting
  • 104 Chasewood Ct.
  • Vinton, VA 24179
  • Ph: (540) 890-1086 or (540) 874-5168
  • Fax: (540) 890-1087
  • Email:
  • Web:

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