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Cindy Voorspuy and her husband are the owners of Offbeat Safaris, just a few hours away from Nairobi. They live in the former colonial home of Lord Francis Scott, a British settler who later became a local politician, built this mansion in the early Twenties. [1]

"Cindy is one of Africa's top ranked women polo players. There isn't much she doesn't know about rearing, stabling, managing and riding horses in Kenya. At Deloraine she looks after over 80 horses in stables and paddocks around the farm, preparing them for Offbeat's mobile riding safaris. Guests staying at Deloraine are always made to feel 'at home' by Cindy and her family" [2]

"Sosian Lodge is 1940’s ranch house which was converted from a dilapidated ruin into a tourism enterprise in 2002. The ranch was derelict and our oldest member of staff has been at Sosian for 40 years. The rest of the staff were employed from the local area and few had any professional training - all training is done on site and we are very proud of this. 85 people are employed at Sosian which is spread between the lodge and the cattle ranch, anti-poaching and protection of wildlife, security and maintaining the natural resources and habitats of the 24,000 acres that comprises the ranch.

"We use rain water for drinking as much as possible. All biodegradable waste is either fed to our domestic animals, or sent to the compost heap to feed the garden. A large number of vegetables and fruit are grown at Sosian and this minimizes transport from towns far away and we eat our own beef, lamb, ducks and eggs.

"Sosian is an active member of the Laikipia Wildlife Forum ..." [3]

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