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Franklin C. "Chuck" Spinney joined the Pentagon's Office of Program Analysis and Evaluation in 1977, "a division set up in 1961 to make independent evaluations of Pentagon policy, ... to work with John Boyd who, with his open contempt for authority, had become somewhat of a mentor to Spinney." [1] Spinney retired in 2003.

In a 2003 interview with PBS's Bill Moyers, Spinney explained "the workings of 'the military industrial Congressional complex'" and discussed "defense boondoggles from the malfunctioning M-16 rifles in Vietnam to the ballistic missile defense system." [2]

Published Works by Chuck Spinney

"Defense Facts of Life: The Plans/Reality Mismatch", Westview Press; Hardcover April 1985 ISBN 0865317186; Paperback May 1985 ISBN 0865317194.

Articles, Reports & Testimony


  • "'At the core of the RMA is a radical hypothesis that would cause Sun Tzu, Clausewitz and George Patton to roll over in their graves,' Chuck Spinney, a thirty-year Pentagon veteran and weapons specialist, says of the doctrine. 'That is, that technology will transform the fog and friction of combat-the uncertainty, fear, chaos, imperfect information which is a natural product of a clash between opposing wills-into clear, friction-free, predictable, mechanistic interaction.'" [3]
  • "If you want to understand how the Pentagon operates, like everything else in Washington you follow the money." [4]

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