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The Project on Government Oversight, othersize known as POGO, began as the Project on Military Procurement. The organization "worked to expose outrageously overpriced military spending such as the $7,600 coffee maker and the $436 hammer. After many successes reforming the military, POGO expanded its mandate to investigate systemic waste, fraud, and abuse in all federal agencies." [1]


"The Project On Government Oversight investigates, exposes, and seeks to remedy systemic abuses of power, mismanagement, and subservience by the federal government to powerful special interests. Founded in 1981, we are a politically-independent, nonprofit watchdog that strives to promote a government that is accountable to the citizenry."[2]


"Twenty years ago I started the Project On Government Oversight with just a borrowed phone and desk, motivated by the idea that our government should work for us, not for special interests. I had a great deal of help from honest people in government, like my mentor Ernie Fitzgerald, and government contractors who risked their careers to get out the stories of fraud and waste. Now, I am proud to be on the Board of Directors of this vibrant organization. POGO has stayed lean and effective and continues to be a beacon for those inside the system who want to do the right thing but are unable to do it from within. Danielle Brian, POGO's Executive Director, has kept the spirit of the organization alive. POGO is still the 'memo of last resort' to those who want our government to work well."[3]


Accessed January 2009: [1]

Foundation Support

"POGO's organizational funding comes primarily from foundation grants and individuals. In order to preserve our independence, POGO does not accept any contributions from the federal government, corporations, unions, or anyone with a financial interest in the outcome of our investigations." [2]

"POGO's Foundation Contributors in FY07 Include:


"None of POGO's achievements would have been possible without the help of our supporters, particularly whistleblowers and government insiders, as well as nonprofit partners, individual and foundation donors, and Congress. POGO's investigations have helped improve accountability and transparency at many federal agencies including the Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of the Interior, and Department of Health and Human Services." [4]

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