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According to a biographical note on the Istituto Bruno Leoni's webpage, Carlo Stagnaro is the environmental Director of the Istituto Bruno Leoni, the Italian think tank that promotes extreme free market policy and privatizations. Carol Martino, wife of the Italian minister of Defense, is one of the trustees of this new organization.

According to the biographical note, he is also fellow of International Council for Capital Formation, a Brussels-based think tank with strong links to the American Council for Capital Formation, and fellow of International Policy Network [1].

His articles appeared in a wide variety of Italian newspapers, ranging from the right-wing Il Foglio and Libero to the leftist Il Riformista; he is also a regular contributor to a number of right-wing international media, including Tech Central Station, National Review, and the EU Reporter, a heavily pro-industry Brussels-based newsletter. He edited the Italian edition of Steve Milloy's book Science Without Sense, with a preface by the Italian minister of Defense, Antonio Martino.

He maintains a personal blog in Italian campaigning against the Kyoto Protocol, renewable energy, for free gun ownership and pro-smoking [2]. He wrote the book "Waco. A State Massacre in the US" (with a preface by Russian activist Vladimir Bukosvky) and was a contributor to Kendra Okonski's recent climate sceptic book Adapt or Die. He has strong links with the Bush administration and the anti-environmental lobby in Washington, DC: for example he interviewed the Chairman of US Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works, Sen. James Inhofe [3], and was quoted in a Wall Street Journal anti-Kyoto op-ed by Italy's Minister of Defense Antonio Martino [4]. During COP11 negotiation in Montreal, Canada, he authored an op-ed in the Canadian right-wing daily magazine National Post [5] urging the European Union to find a way out of the Kyoto Protocol.

He has authored a number of articles and essays opposing the Kyoto Protocol and other climate policies. He is also an opponent of anti-smoking regulation, on the grounds that abortion kills more people than smoking, and that anti-smoking activists are fascists and "hate children" [6] [7]as well as any other safety or environmental standard. [8]

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