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Learn more from the Center for Media and Democracy's research on climate change.

EU Reporter is a Brussels-based free newspaper on European Union issues.

On its website, it defines itself [1] as "an independent news organization dedicated to informing business readers about EU legislation and political developments affecting all commercial activity with an equal emphasis on informing politicians and legislators of the views of relevant business sectors".

The publication, heavily opinionated, claims to be "A Voice for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises".

Iain Murray, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute has previously written about climate change for the newspaper. The articles at the time did not specify that he is engaged in any other activities apart from writing for the EU Reporter, although the newspaper now regularly highlights his work with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and is critical of that organisation.

On 22 September 2004 he wrote a "news story" entitled "Earth Still Cooler than Normal" and presents the findings a climate change skeptic John Christy without any counterbalancing statement on the fact that these findings are not in line with the global scientific consensus on climate change. [2].

In another "news story" Murray says Sir David King, the UK's chief scientific advisor's "alarmism" has become "hysterical" [3].

EU reporter has latterly been very critical of climate change denial, particularly since Gary Cartwright, a Brussels based envivoronmentalist and political scientist has joined the editorial team.

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