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Dr. Brian P. Flannery works for ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research. He is also an IPCC contributor.

Hired by Exxon in 1980 he was joined by Haroon Kheshgi and over the next several years the pair dug deeper into global-warming research. Exxon made grants to several prestigious universities, starting with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Flannery says he told the MIT researchers: "Embrace the uncertainty in all of this."[1]

In 2005 the Wall Street Journal wrote that Flannery and his colleague Haroon Kheshgi 'argue in their papers for more research into how the world can live with, rather than avoid, the effects of global warming.' [2] In November 2000 Flannery told the Earth Times that ExxonMobil is "firmly against the Kyoto Protocol" because "it achieves very little and costs too much," [3].

Flannery enjoys some influence in 2002 he wrote a letter to John H. Marburger and Randy Randol who forwarded it to Phil Cooney of the White House. The letter contained proposals to improve the USGCRP the US Global Climate Research Program[4] He is described as Exxon's point person with the Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP) at Stanford University [5].

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