Blondie, Dagwood & Camels

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"Blondie" 6/26/44 (440626). Music: Opening Theme...

This interesting historical document is a script from a June 1944 radio show featuring Dagwood and Blondie, who are now featured in the well-known American newspaper cartoon strip "Blondie." Advertisements for Camel cigarettes are built right into the very plot of the radio show, and Camels are used and props in the storyline, so that their promotion is seamless within the show:

BLONDIE: We can't seem to find him [Dagwood] anywhere.
NILES: I wonder if he could be...
BLONDIE: Yes? Yes?
NILES: I wonder if he was just in a hurry to try a Camel in his T-Zone. That's T for taste and throat -- everyone's own proving ground for Camel's rich extra flavor and smooth extra mildness.
BLONDIE: Well, I don't know, Mr. Niles.
NILES: Well, it'll be easy to find him if he's in the house. That wonderful aroma of Camels superb blend of costlier tobaccos will lure him out of his hiding place. Just a moment, now -- I'll light a Camel

Title ""BLONDIE"" 6/26/44 (440626). MUSIC: OPENING THEME.....
Date 19440626
Bates 514543145/3168
Collection RJ Reynolds
Pages 24

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