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Australian Taxpayers Alliance (ATPA) is the parent organisation of Menzies House, a website for "conservative, centre-right and libertarian thinkers and activists".[1]

One of the web domains registered by the Alliance is On it the slogan of ATPA is "fighting tax, regulation & waste".[2] Menzies House in turn has founded other short-term websites, which it describes as "our sister sites" -- "Stop Gillards Carbon Tax and Support Bolt".[1] Another website, is, it states only on the donation page, is "operated by Menzies House, a subsidiary of the non-profit Australian Taxpayers' Alliance."[3]


Public Campaigns

The Alliance's first campaign was against the price on carbon. [4]

The ATPA opposed the policy of introducing plain packaging for cigarette packets. [5] [6]

They also oppose an increase in foreign aid from Australia, and claim that AusAID funds are used to support terrorist groups. [7]

Their "The ABC Is Out Of Control" campaign that pushed for reform of Australia's public broadcaster, the ABC.[8]

Climate Change Denial

As well as being supported by US-based climate denier groups such as the Koch Associate Program, of which ATPA's Director Tim Andrews is a member[4], ATPA have used their funding to support events such as the 7th International Conference on Climate Change, held in Chicago in May 2012. The conference is organised by the Heartland Institute, and ATPA are an official co-sponsor.[9]

The Alliance has also been active in promoting skeptical views on climate change, through its subsidiary Menzies House.

In 2015 Tim Andrews authorised for the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance an advert in The Australian Newspaper arguing the cancellation of Bjorn Lomborg's Australian Consensus Centre at the University of Western Australia was academic censorship.[10] The Centre had been initiated from Prime Minister Tony Abbott's office and was being funded by the Federal Government to the tune of $4 million.[11] Strong protests from Academic staff and student of the University resulted in the University Vice-chancellor cancelling the contract to establish the centre at the university.[12]

Articles and resources


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