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Tim Andrews is an executive director of the private registered company, the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, with a registered address at a unit in Sydney. The company has two shareholders: Tim Andrews and his mother.

According to journalist Graham Readfearn,[1] Tim Andrews is a graduate of the Koch Associate Program in the US – an effort by the billionaire Republican activist Koch brothers to train activists in climate science denial and to push their free market libertarian ideals.

Andrews spent time as an intern at the Koch-linked Cato Institute. In a 2011 article in the right-wing The Spectator magazine, Andrews was described as one of the “masterminds” of Australia’s anti-carbon tax protests of that year.

When Andrews created the Stop Gillards Carbon Tax.com website to help drive the 2011 protests, he recruited Cato Institute climate science denialist Patrick Michaels as an advisor.

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