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Andrew Garfield is the Vice President of Glevum Associates, a Wasington DC based Strategic Communications Company

Andrew Garfield served both as a British military and then a senior civilian intelligence officer, finishing his government service in 2001 as a senior policy adviser in the UK Ministry of Defense. He has extensive Information Operations (IO) and Psychological Operations (PSYOP) experience, which includes becoming the UK Defense Intelligence Staff's first IO Staff Officer in the mid 1990’s and performing IO--related research and operations for the Department of Defense (DoD) in the United States since 2002. Mr. Garfield lectures extensively on IO and PSYOP in Europe and the US, including at the Defense Intelligence Agency, Naval Postgraduate School, National Defense University, Fourth Psychological Operations Group and on a TRADOC sponsored predeployment cultural education program for senior US Army and Marine commanders and their staffs. In addition, he has undertaken extensive research and lectured on counter insurgency and counter terrorism for the DoD, DHS and US and UK Intelligence Communities. By way of example, on behalf of the DoD he has devised and led projects that reviewed US performance in the War of Ideas, reexamined past terrorism campaigns in the context of current and future threats and developed a new model for the Red Teaming of asymmetric threats using foreign experts. He has also led teams that developed innovative multimedia information campaigns on behalf of SOCOM and MNFI. After leaving UK Government service, Mr. Garfield served for two years as Deputy Director of The International Policy Institute at King's College, London and as the European Director of the US-based Terrorism Research Center. Having emigrated to the United States in 2004, Mr. Garfield subsequently served as Senior Director for Operations for a US Strategic Communications company supporting US Government clients including in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is currently a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and has recently started a Maryland-based strategic communications consultancy, Glevum Associates LLC.

Foreign Policy Research Institute

Garfield, a Senior Fellow of the Foreign Policy Research Institute and European Director of the Terrorism Research Center (TRC) in Washington, DC., is "currently directing a New FPRI project on post-conflict reconstruction, undertaken in cooperation with the Terrorism Research Center and King’s College." --FPRI April 2005.

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