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"The American Sustainable Business Council family of organizations includes American Sustainable Business Council, which runs public information campaigns that educate and inform the public and policy makers about specific opportunities to create a more vibrant, just and sustainable economy, and American Sustainable Business Council Action Fund, organized under IRS code 501(c)(4), which focuses on legislative and regulatory advocacy. The Council spans a growing network of over 60 business associations across the United States, representing over 200,000 businesses and 300,000 business executives, owners, investors, and others." [1]

  • David Levine is the co-founder and chief executive officer of the American Sustainable Business Council.

Advisory Board

Accessed December 2013: [2]


Accessed December 2013: [3]

  • Matt Bauer - President & Co-Founder, BetterWorld Telecom
  • David Brodwin - Co-founder and Director - Media and Communications, American Sustainable Business Council
  • Allen Bromberger - Partner, Perlman and Perlman (secretary)
  • Julie Fox Gorte - Senior Vice President for Sustainable Investing, Pax World Management LLC (treasurer)
  • Jeffrey Hollender - CEO, Jeffrey Hollender Partners (board chair and founding partner)
  • MaryAnne Howland - Founder and President, Ibis Communications, Inc.
  • Frank Knapp - President and CEO, South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce
  • Aaron Lamstein - Board Member & Advisor
  • David Levine - Co-founder and CEO, American Sustainable Business Council
  • Sandra McCardell - President, Current-C Energy Systems, Inc.
  • Sheryl O'Loughlin - Executive Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Stanford University
  • Mitch Rofsky - President and CEO, Better World Club
  • Steven P. Salsberg - Founder and Chairman, Salsberg Group
  • Fran Teplitz - Director of Strategic Outreach and Social Investing, Green America
  • MJ Viederman - Founder and President, TRU2U


Accessed December 2013: [4]



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