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The following are external articles related to the main article on Alberto R. Gonzales and his time as head of the Bush Justice Department.

Biographical Profiles

White House Counsel

War on Terrorism

Treatment of Prisoners

Patriot Act abuses

U.S. Attorney General

Operation FALCON

Treasongate: Beyond Karl Rove

Domestic Surveillance

Bush administration U.S. attorney firings controversy


External articles

External Links, Alberto Gonzales, 2007

External Links, Alberto Gonzales, 2008

External Links, Alberto Gonzales, 2009

Live blogging Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Alberto Gonzales

  • Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel), The Next Hurrah Blog, July 24, 2007:
  • Spencer Ackerman, TPMmuckraker, July 24, 2007:

Gonzales "lawyers up"

Congressional no confidence and calls for resignation

Resignation August 27, 2007

Other Issues