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Rudolph W. "Rudy" Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and a possible Republican 2008 presidential candidate, is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Giuliani Partners LLC, which he founded in January 2002.[1]

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Giuliani is also affiliated "with a well-established and politically connected law firm that is based in Houston and bears his name, Bracewell & Giuliani."[2]


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Giuliani on tobacco issues

The City of New York went smoke-free under Rudolph Giuliani's tenure. Mayor Giuliani signed the Smoke-Free Air Act into law on Jan. 10, 1995. The 1995 measure prohibited smoking in many workplaces, but permitted smoking in stand-alone bars, restaurants with fewer than thirty-five seats, bingo parlors, and a limited number of enclosed workplaces. In addition it permitted "smoking areas" in bars, bowling alleys, convention centers, and performance halls. Many restaurant owners joined tobacco industry representatives in predicting dire consequences of the legislation, arguing it would hurt the restaurant business, result in job loss, and cause smokers to shift their business to smaller restaurants, which are exempted from the law.[1]

The New York City Council also proposed a ban on cigarette billboards while Giuliani was mayor.

Buying Up Domain Names

"When New York Senate candidate Rudolph Giuliani began his campaign against First Lady Hillary Clinton, one of his first moves was to register as many domain names as possibly [sic] that related to both himself and his opponent." [2]

In July 1999, Medill News Services' Giada Zampano reported that the URL for the "domain" led "to a Web site built by the Friends of Giuliani committee and was launched in March as a link on the New York mayor's Web site" when it was thought that Giuliani and Clinton might "face each other in the race for the Senate seat being vacated" in 2000 by "New York Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan."

According to R. Rebecca Donatelli, director of Campaign Solutions (part of the Donatelli Group, which managed the website), the "anti-Hillary site 'was done with humor and it's really more a comparison site than an 'against' site, ... And people's response was tremendous. About 3 million users hit the site from the beginning of April, and about 5000 have applied to volunteer for Giuliani's campaign."

"Buying up Internet names that 'belong' to someone else is a recent trend that Martin Edlund of Hockaday Donatelli Campaign Solutions says is 'a precautionary move.' The campaign fundraising firm was responsible for managing Giuliani's web presence. 'If we control the domain name, we can decide who uses it. If we don't, anyone can'," Edlund said. [3]

The domain name HILLARYNO.COM, for example, has been registered to Hockaday-Donatelli Campaign Solutions since March 17, 1999, and is due to expire (unless renewed) on March 17, 2008, and HILLARYNO.ORG was secured October 16, 2002, and likewise is due to expire March 17, 2008.


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