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One Common Ground is a bipartisan voter registration and education organization based in Philipsburg, MT. It includes amongst its founding members former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford and political polar opposites like Newt Gingrich and Michael Dukakis.

Founding Members

Founding members include [1]

Jimmy Carter Former US President

Gerald Ford Former US President

Barry Goldwater Former US Senator

William Proxmire Former US Senator

Mary Dent Crisp Former Co-Chair, National Republican Party

Jessica Arrigoni, Board Chair Educator

Susan Brandes, Secretary/Treasurer Community Activist

Richard Kimball, President President, Project Vote Smart

Kenneth Adelman Director, US Arms Control & Disarmament Agency, Reagan Administration

Senator Edward Brooke Former US Senator

Thomas Chandler Attorney

Congressman William Clinger Former US Representative

Kyle Dell Professor of Political Science

Congressman William Lacy Clay, Jr. US Representative

Governor Michael Dukakis Former Governor of Massachusetts

John Echohawk Native American Rights Fund

Adelaide Elm Kimball Historian

Congressman Chaka Fattah US Representative

Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro Former US Representative

Senator George McGovern Former US Senator

Ms. Irene Natividad Former President, National Women's Political Caucus

Mr. Dan O'Neill Attorney

Mr.Philip Robbins Attorney

Senator Gordon H. Smith Former US Senator

Congresswoman Claudine Schneider Former US Representative

Congresswoman Pat Schroeder Association of American Publishers, Inc.

Brent Steel Professor of Political Science

Senator John E. Sununu Former US Senator

Mr. Lewis Tambs Political Scientist

Mr. Jon Trachta Attorney

Congressman Bill Frenzel Former US Representative

Senator Bill Frist Former US Senator

Congressman Newt Gingrich Former US Representative

John Hagelin Presidential Candidate for Natural Law party

Sonia Jarvis Former Exexcutive Director, National Coalition on Black Voter Participation

Marianne Jennings Professor of Business Law

Congresswoman Barbara Kennelly Former US Representative

Henry Kenski and Margaret Kenski Professor and Political Consultant

Congressman Jim Leach Former US Representative

Congresswoman Barbara Lee US Representative

Senator Charles Mathias Former US Senator

Lucy Wilson Benson Former President, League of Women Voters

2011 Board of Directors

The 2011 Board of Directors [2] is composed of:

Jessica Arrigoni, Board Chair

Richard Kimball, President

Kyle Dell, Vice President

Susan Brandes, Secretary/Treasurer

Lucy Wison Benson

Adelaide Elm

Dan O’Neill

Brent Steel

Jon Trachta


Advisors Project Vote Smart maintains an advisory team of hundreds of political scientists and journalists from across the political spectrum. Together, they review every key vote selection, every bill summary, and every question presented to candidates through the Political Courage Test to ensure absolute nonpartisanship, relevance, clarity, and accuracy.

2011-2012 Advisors


Dr. Charles Barrilleaux Professor, Department of Political Science - Florida State University

Dr. Justin Buchler Associate Professor of Political Science - Case Western Reserve Universiy

Dr. Kyle Dell Associate Professor of Political Science - Guilford College

Dr. KC Johnson Professor -

Dr. Noah Kaplan Visiting Assistant Professor - University of Illinois- Chicago

Dr. Brian Newman Assistant Professor - Pepperdine University

Dr. Christopher Simon Director, Master of Public Administration Program - University of Utah

Dr. Brent Steel Director, Master of Public Policy Program - Oregon State University

Dr. Glen Sussman Professor - Old Dominion University

Dr. Jonathan West Director of MPA Program and Professor, Department of Political Science - University of Miami

Dr. Gerald Wright Professor, Department of Political Science - Indiana University


Dr. Richard Fording Associate Professor of Political Science - University of Alabama

Dr. James Slack Chair, Department of Government - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Steve Stewart Assistant Professor - Troy University


Ms. Paola Banchero Department Chair - University of Alaska - Anchorage

Mr. Dave Donaldson Capital Correspondent - Alaska Public Radio Network


Mr. Jim Nintzel Senior Writer - Tuscon Weekly / University of Arizona

Dr. Barbara Norrander Professor of Political Science - University of Arizona

Dr. Sally Rider Director, The William H. Rehnquist Center on the Constitutional Structures of Government - University of Arizona


Dr. Clay Arnold Chair, Department of Political Science - University of Central Arkansas

Dr. Jay Barth Associate Professor of Politics - Hendrix College

Dr. Janine Parry Associate Professor of Politics - University of Arkansas


Dr. James Brent Professor and Chair - San Jose State University

Dr. Corey Cook Assistant Professor of Politics - University of San Francisco

Dr. Thad Kousser Associate Professor of Political Science - University of California at San Diego

Mr. Al Wagner Director, Center for Kern Political Education -

Dr. Kevin Wallsten Assistant Professor - California State University at Long Beach


Dr. Brent King Assistant Professor of Psychology - Adams State College

Dr. Seth Masket Associate Professor - University of Denver

Dr. John Redifer Professor of Political Science - Mesa State College

Dr. Stephen Roberds Associate Professor of Government - Adams State College

Mr. Shaun Schafer Assistant Professor - Metropolitan State College of Denver

Dr. John Straayer Professor of Political Science - Colorado State University


Dr. Paul Petterson Professor of Political Science - Central Connecticut State University

Mr. Keith Phaneuf State Capitol Reporter - Journal Inquirer

Dr. William Salka Professor of Political Science - Eastern Connecticut State University


Mr. Chad Livengood Reporter - Delaware Online


Dr. Robert Crew Associate Dean - Florida State University

Dr. Anne Hallum Professor - Stetson University

Dr. Aubrey Jewett Associate Department Chair - University of Central Florida

Dr. Richard Scher Professor - University of Florida


Mr. Walter Jones Bureau Chief - Morris News Service

Dr. Beth Reingold Associate Professor - Emory Univeresity

Dr. Sharon Tracy Professor - Georgia Southern University


Mr. Richard Borreca Capitol Bureau Chief - Star Advertiser

Dr. Deborah Halbert Professor - Otterbein University


Dr. Ross Burkhart Associate Professor - Boise State University

Dr. Stephen Shaw Professor of Political Science - Northwest Nazarene University

Mr. Corey Taule Political Editor - Post Register


Dr. Jeffrey Ashley Professor of Political Science - Eastern Illinois University

Dr. Keith Bockelman Professor - Western Illinois University

Dr. Janna Deitz Associate Professor - Western Illinois University

Mr. Jeff Williams Station Manager and News & Public Affairs Director - WSIU Public Broadcasting


Mr. Dave Bangert Editorial Page Editor - Journal and Courier

Dr. William Bianco Professor - Indiana University

Dr. Andrew Downs Director, Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics - Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

Dr. Margie Hershey Professor - University of Indiana at Bloomington

Dr. John Rouse Professor - Ball State University

Mr. Chad Tew Journalism Program Coordinator - University of Southern Indiana


Dr. Kedron Bardwell Professor - Simpson College

Dr. Christopher Larimer Associate Professor - University of Northern Iowa

Dr. Tracy Osborn Assistant Professor - University of Iowa

Dr. Arthur Sanders Chair, Department of Politics - Drake University

Dr. Mack Shelley Professor - Iowa State University


Dr. Bob Beatty Associate Professor of Political Science - Washburn University

Dr. Don Haider-Markel Associate Professor of Political Science - University of Kansas

Dr. Chapman Rackaway Assistant Professor of Political Science - Ft. Hays State University

Mr. Mike Shields Managing Editor - Kansas Health Institute News Service


Dr. Egbunam Amadife Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences Chair, Associate Professor of Political Science - Kentucky State University

Dr. Jasmine Farrier Associate Professor - University of Louisville

Mr. David McFaddin Part-Time Faculty - Eastern Kentucky University


Dr. Pearson Cross Assistant Professor - University of Louisiana, Lafayette

Dr. Henry Sirgo Professor - McNeese State University


Dr. John Baughman Associate Professor - Bates College

Dr. Michael Franz Assistant Professor of Government - Bowdoin College

Mr. George Markowsky Chair, Computer Science Department - University of Maine

Dr. Karl Trautman Department of Social Sciences Chair - Community College of Central Maine


Mr Jan Alderton Managing Editor - Cumberland Times News

Dr. Harry Basehart Professor and Co-Director, PACE - Salisbury University

Ms. Alice Cherbonnier Managing Editor - Baltimore Chronicle and Sentinel

Dr. Cynthia Cooper Chair and Associate Professor - Towson University

Dr. Todd Eberly Assistant Professor - St. Mary's College of Maryland


Dr. John Berg Government Department Chair - Suffolk University

Dr. Maurice Cunningham Professor - University of Massachusetts at Boston

Dr. Shannon Jenkins Assistant Professor of Political Science - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


Mr. Dawson Bell Reporter - Detroit Free Press

Dr. David Haynes Associate Professor - Northern Michigan University

Mr. Clark Hughes Editorial Page Editor - Bay City Times


Dr. Darrell J. Downs Political Science Department Chair - Winona State University

Mr. Randy Krebs Opinion Page Editor - St. Cloud Times


Dr. Tom Lansford Assistant Professor of Political Science - University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast

Dr. Rick Travis Professor - Mississippi State University

Dr. Jon Winburn Assistant Professor - University of Mississippi


Dr. Brian Calfano Associate Professor - Missouri State University

Dr James Endersby Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies - University of Missouri Columbia

Ms. Megan Lynch Reporter - KMOX

Mr. Bob Priddy News Director - The Missourinet


Ms. Patricia Bellinghausen Editorial Page Editor - Billings Gazette

Dr. Timothy Lehman Professor of History and Poitical Science - Rocky Mountain College

Mr. Dennis Swibold Professor of Journalism - University of Montana


Dr. Sue Crawford Associate Professor - Creighton University

Dr. Paul Landow Assistant Professor - University of Nebraska- Omaha


Dr. David Damore Associate Professor - University of Nevada- Las Vegas

Dr. Chris Simon Associate Professor of Political Science - University of Utah

New Hampshire

Mr Tom Fahey State House Bureau Chief - Union Leader

Dr. Dante Scala Associate Professor - University of New Hampshire

New Jersey

Dr. Daniel Bowen Assistant Professor - The College of New Jersey

Dr. Callahan Harrison Professor of Political Science and Law - Montclair State University

Dr. Stu Koch Associate Professor of Political Science - The College of New Jersey

New Mexico

Mr Barry Massey Capitol Bureau Chief - Associated Press

Dr. Kim Seckler Associate Professor of Government - New Mexico State University

New York

Ms. Jody-Kleinburg Biehl Program Director- Journalism - University at Buffalo, SUNY

Mr. Jay Jochnowitz State Editor - Times Union Capital Bureau

Dr. Justin Phillips Associate Professor - Columbia University

North Carolina

Dr. Michael Bitzer Associate Professor - Catawba College

Dr. Michael Munger Chair, Department of Political Science - Duke University

North Dakota

Ms Jill Schramm Staff Writer - Minot Daily News

Dr. Robert Wood Associate Professor - University of North Dakota


Dr. Christine Anderson Professor, History Department - Xavier University

Dr. William Cunion Assistant Professor and Department Chair, Political Science - Mount Union College

Dr. Joel Lieske Professor - Cleveland State University

Mr Darrel Rowland Public Affairs Editor - The Columbus Dispatch


Dr. Gary Copeland Professor of Political Science - University of Oklahoma

Dr. Richard Johnson Professor of Political Science - Oklahoma City University


Mr. Harry Esteve Reporter - The Oregonian

Dr. Mark Henckels Professor - Western Oregon University


Dr. Thomas Baldino Professor of Political Science - Wilkes University

Dr. Zach Baumann Lecturer - Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Robert Speel Associate Professor, Political Science - Pennsylvania State University Erie (The Behrend College)

Rhode Island

Dr. June Speakman Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Administration - Roger Williams University

South Carolina

Dr. Scott Buchanan Chairman of the Department of Political Science - The Citadel

Ms. Cindi Scoppe Associate Editorial Page Editor - The State

Dr. Danielle Vinson Associate Professor - Furman University

South Dakota

Dr. Gary Aguiar Professor, US Politics - South Dakota State University

Dr. Heather Barth Chair, Communications Department - Augustana College

Dr. Michael Card Associate Professor - University of South Dakota


Dr. Dwight Brooks Journalism Program - Middle Tennessee State University

Dr. Michael Fitzgerald Chair of American Studies Department and Professor of Political Science - University of Tennessee

Mr Tom Humphrey National Bureau Chief - Knoxville News Sentinel

Dr. Marcus Pohlmann Professor of Political Science - Rhodes College


Dr. Tamara Bell Lecturer - University of Texas at Austin

Dr. Jennifer Clark Assistant Professor - University of Houston

Mr. John Gravois Government Affairs Editor - Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Dr. Keith Hamm Professor - Rice University

Dr. Robert Lowry Professor and Political Science Program Head - University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Bonnie Olaniran Department Chair - Texas Tech University

Dr. Harvey Tucker Professor - Texas A&M University

Dr. Wendy Watson Assistant Professor - University of North Texas


Dr. Adam Brown Assistant Professor - Brigham Young University

Dr. Susan Matt Chair, Department of History - Weber State University

Dr. Leah Murray Assistant Professor of Political Science - Weber State University

Dr. Ted Pease Journalism and Communications - Utah State University

Dr. Jeremy Pope Assistant Professor - Brigham Young University


Ms. Terri Hallenbeck Reporter - Burlington Free Press


Dr. Timothy LaPira Assistant Professor - James Madison University

Dr. Daniel Palazzolo Associate Professor of Political Science and Assistant to the President for Academic Affairs - University of Richmond


Mr. Jim Camden Political Writer -

Mr. Brad Shannon Political Editor - The Olympian

West Virginia

Dr. Scott Crichlow Assistant Professor of Political Science - West Virginia University

Dr. Mark Stern Professor of Political Science - Shepherd University


Professor Barry Burden Professor of Political Science - University of Wisconsin - Madison

Dr. Dennis Riley Professor of Political Science - University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

Dr. Jeffrey Roberg Chair of Political Science Department - Carthage College

Dr. Arnold Shober Assistant Professor of Government - Lawrence University


Mr. Bob Beck News Director - Department of Communication and Journalism, University of Wyoming